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About Varrin Swearingen

Varrin Swearingen...
  • Was born in Hayward, CA in 1974
  • Grew up in Fresno, CA from age 2 through high school
  • Has been playing music since age 3 and professionally since junior high (drums and percussion)
  • Began his aviation career at age 18 at Comair Aviation Academy in Florida
  • Married Edi in Fresno in 1993
  • Flight Instructed for Comair Aviation Academy, teaching private, instrument, commercial, and flight instructor ratings
  • Flew the EMB-120 and Canadair Regional Jet for Comair Airlines through the end of 2000
  • Is currently employed by World Airways flying mostly internationally
  • Flew the MD-11 for 7 years as a First Officer and currently works as a DC-10 Captain
  • Has two homeschooled children: a son, Edison, Born in January, 2001, and a daughter, Erin, born in January, 2002
  • Moved to Keene, NH in 2004 to enjoy a better life and pursue a more free society
  • Has lived in 4 states: California, Florida, Kentucky, and New Hampshire
  • Has traveled to most of the states (46) and well over 40 foreign countries and territories in all 6 populated continents

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